BMS technical services LLC is the most reliable technical services contractor in Dubai over the past decade, providing a one-stop solution for all your building and property maintenance requirements. Trained and skilled professionals and handymen from BMS technical services LLC prioritize the safety of owners and themselves by abiding by all government rules and HSE (health, safety, and environment policy)standards. 


We have been leading this technical services industry with versatile services covering all residential, industrial and commercial buildings irrespective of confines. Our professionals are trained according to international standards, thereby you'll get high quality and safest services at a faster pace. You can hire us on an hourly or daily basis, we'll complete the project on your budget at the stipulated deadline. 


BMS technical services LLC promises to provide quick and high-quality maintenance services and let you enjoy your peace of mind. Highly experienced professionals from the BMS Technical services LLC cover a wide spectrum of quality repair and maintenance services, which includes emergency plumbing services, handyman services, house cleaning services, residential cleaning services, bathtub repairing and installing, electrical maintenance, partition installation and BMU cleaning services.


Why Choose Us?

  • Speedy Response and Completion

    BMS technical services LLC professionals have deep expertise in all technical service, ensuring quick response to calls and project completion, so no need to wait for more. 

  • Unbeatable Pricing

    BMS technical services LLC provides the highest quality service at the best price possible in all of the UAE. 

  • Abide by Safety Standards

    We train our professionals to abide by the international Safety standards and HSE policy (health, safety and environment policy)

  • Certified Professional

    Get your complex technical service done with the top class skilled professionals from Dubai. 


Featured Services

We at BMS Technical Services LLC provide a wide spectrum of services under one roof. With over a fleet of 40 maintenance vehicles and 30 professionals, BMS Technical Services LLC can meet the increasing requirement. 



Bathtub Repair & Replacement services


Plumbing & water supply repair services


Get Your surroundings to shine
  • Great work, would not hesitate to recommend BMS TS. Well done and on-time completion of maintenance and repairs work. Davis

  • Fantastic to deal with. Very Organised, capable and on time. They fixed my OH&S issues that we had at our business by looking at photos that I had sent them, they sent me a quote and had all the problems fixed within 5 days. Shelly

  • I would recommend BMS technical services LLC for the fast and high-quality technical work in your house. Always a pleasure to use their service, so friendly, quick and efficient. Shane

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