Bathtub Repair & Replacement services
BMS technical services in Dubai
BMS technical services in Dubai

Why Choose Us

In a high-style Emirate like Dubai, experiencing leaks and holes in the bathtub is annoying, and can cause damage in the future, if you ignore the repair and maintenance at the right time. That is where BMS technical services come in to provide comprehensive bathtub solutions from repair and installation to faucet leaking repairs also. 


Faucet leaking is the next major issue in anyone's bathroom, we don't let the dripping sound haunt your dreams and sleep. With our certified plumbers around Dubai, we ensure tight and leakproof bathtub fixing, so just give us a call. We will be there as soon as possible and fix your faucet and other bathtub Related repairs real quick. 


Replacing existing bathtubs is time-consuming, and expensive, and typically the quality is never as good as the original. When a bathroom or kitchen sink becomes stained and cracked, many people believe they have no option but to suffer through the pain and expense of replacing it. This is easily being restored to its original beauty. We can repair the surface’s existing damage and protect it from future damage. Colour choices are unlimited. The fixture’s original colour can easily be matched or completely changed. The only limitation is your imagination.


Jobs We Specialize In

    Bathtub repair and installation services 

    Refinishing porcelain bathtub 

    Refinishing Fiberglass bathtub

    Acrylic bathtub Refinishing

    Slip-resistant surfaces

    Bathtub faucet fixing

    Marble bathtubs

    Bathtub cracks repair

    Bathtub hole repairs

    Reglazing bathtub Services