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BMS technical services in Dubai
BMS technical services in Dubai

Why Choose Us

The epoxy coating provided by BMS technical service is one of the toughest, long-lasting and most durable surfaces to have on your floor. Epoxy coating is not only popular for garages, but it can be used on driveways as well. This is a moderately difficult project, but it can be accomplished with ease with our dedicated and experienced professionals. 


With limited epoxy flooring services in Dubai, BMS technical services extend its hands to the people looking for the best, sturdy and robust epoxy flooring services in Dubai. And we have laid epoxy flooring and painting services for hospitals, office buildings, residential buildings, restaurants and parking lots. 


Our metallic epoxy flooring and floor painting in both parking lots and offices are slip-resistant and Highly reflective, so they can illuminate your place. We also have a wide range of options available in different colours, designs, and types to provide you with a trendy and attractive flooring finish. 


Jobs We Specialize In

    Epoxy floor coating services 

    Epoxy floor painting services

    Epoxy floor cleaning services

    Commercial epoxy flooring

    Epoxy basement floor

    Epoxy wooden floors

    Residential epoxy flooring

    Kitchen floors with epoxy