HVAC Maintenance company in Dubai
BMS technical services in Dubai
BMS technical services in Dubai

Why Choose Us

BMS Technical services LLC Dubai provides services for a broad range of Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning and maintenance services. Our Preventive Maintenance program customizes services to each client’s unique needs and system operation. Our Facilities department also offers technical support, professional guidance, design and application, system training, BMS operations and the ability to supply parts to a facility at a competitive market price. We also offer regular scheduled preventive maintenance for the HVAC systems.


BMS technical services LLC provides High voltage air conditioning repairs and maintenance for Dubai locals including residential, commercial, and industries, irrespective of their confines. Skilled and certified professionals from BMS technical service have sound knowledge and expertise in all aspects of HVAC Services from HVAC installation, and air conditioner repairs to periodic maintenance like AC gas refilling, etc, thereby providing the best quality emergency AC repair services in Dubai. 


Summer without Air conditioners in Dubai is unimaginable. People won't able to tolerate the heat, if the AC went off or is repaired, in that case, we jump in to provide the best quality AC repair services in Dubai with our certified HVAC professionals as soon as an enquiry registers with us, our professional will hand the work in more Ethical and professional attitude to fix your air-conditioner as soon as possible. We have been one of the leading technical services in Dubai for decades because of this quick response and work completion.

Jobs We Specialize In

    Fan coil and air handling units

    AC gas refilling

    Tight-fitting to avoid noise and vibration

    Motor repairs and replacements

    Replacing and repairing faulty thermostats 

    Changing the faulty sensors and fan belts

    Adjusting the air valves and filters

    Cleaning the dirt and blocked air filters

    Clearing the blocked AC drain outlets

    AC Duct cleaning

    AC compressor repairing

    AC Supply and installation

    AC fixing and mounting split Air conditioners