Plumbing & water supply repair services
BMS technical services in Dubai
BMS technical services in Dubai

Why Choose Us

BMS technical services LLC handles plumbing work for homeowners, property managers, tenants, small and companies – covering all residential and commercial plumbing needs. Our 

certified and experienced technicians specialize in repairing/servicing/replacing plumbing fixtures and pipes, remodelling, detecting/repairing slab leaks, re-piping homes, and installing water heaters.

BMS Technical services are equipped with the right team of emergency plumbers and the right set of tools to meet any kind of emergency plumbing situation in establishments like residential, commercial and industrial buildings irrespective of confines. Most of our jobs will get done within an hour or two, this is possible only because of our comprehensive training for our plumbers, you can hire them on a contract basis as well. 


We have been the top emergency plumbing services provider in and around Dubai by offering comprehensive plumbing services ranging from water supply installation and repair services to kitchen sink and under sink repairs. BMS technical services deal with all kind of issues that arises in the water supply system and solve them as soon as possible with Experienced professionals.

Jobs We Specialize In

    Repairing/Servicing/Replacing plumbing fixtures and pipes 


    Detecting/Repairing slab leaks

    Re-piping homes 

    Installing and repairing water heaters

    Water closet (WC) fixing

    Repairing sewer

    Drain cleaning services

    Periodic Plumbing inspection

    Kitchen plumbing services - under sink clogging